Community analysis with {vegan}

a workshop on multivariate analysis

Plot showing community dissimilarity of birds between three land types: dry (pink), mixed (yellow), and riparian (green)

Non-metric multidimentional scaling (NMDS) plot using Bray-Curtis dissimilarity comparing bird communities between three land types.


This is a workshop on how to use basic community analysis functions in {vegan} to calculate species richness, conduct Principal Components Analysis, and create a non-metric multidimensional scaling plot. The first version of this talk was a speed talk for the Southern California All Hands useR and R-Ladies Meetup. I turned that into a workshop and gave a few different versions: one for EcoDataScience, another for UCSB EEMB, and another for UCSC SCRUBs. We used bird community survey data from Adams and Matthews (2019).


Adams, Bryce T., and Stephen N. Matthews. 2019. “Diverse Temperate Forest Bird Assemblages Demonstrate Closer Correspondence to Plant Species Composition Than Vegetation Structure.” Ecography 42 (10): 1752–64.