Data science


Community analysis using vegan

This is a workshop on basic tools for community analysis in vegan that was given for UCSB EEMB and UCSC SCRUBs.

Putting the FUN in functions

This is a workshop on writing functions in R, with editing from Sam Csik and Juliette Verstaen.


calecopal: a California-inspired package of color palettes

This is a collection of 45 color palettes, all inspired by California ecosystems. This was built with Heili Lowman and Ana Sofia Guerra, and code was taken directly from Karthik Ram’s wesanderson package.


Fungal community data

Data and analysis to accompany Bui et al., “Soil fungal community composition and functional similarity shift across distinct climatic conditions.” FEMS Microbiology Ecology. Published 22 September 2020.


Please feel free to use or co-opt any of these materials with credit to me (and others, if they are listed). Let me know if you have any questions!